Singe Facteur/Batteur

Singe Facteur & Singe Batteur (rough translation : "Postman Monkey & Drummer Monkey") were made for the French band Andréas & Nicolas. These two games are based on their debut album "Super Chansons".

Singe Facteur is a retro action game based on Paperboy. As a postman monkey, you must deliver letters, collect ducks, and shoot the hordes of the Bear Company !
The game is only available on Andreas & Nicolas' debut album "Super Chansons". Getting high scores and completing the game unlocks exclusive photos and songs !

Singe Facteur
Singe Facteur delivering mail while killing bears and collecting ducks (all of this in the same game !)

Singe Batteur is a Flash rhythm game playable on Andréas et Nicolas's website !
Hit your keyboard keys while following 4 great songs' melody and become the world's #1 drummer !

Singe Batteur
Awesome key-mashing sequence in Singe Batteur.